Face-to-face surveys

In market and opinion research projects (e.g. customer surveys), ISM uses personal face-to-face questioning.
Here interviewers ask questions, which are answered immediately by the respondent. The answers can be recorded using either paper questionnaires or with a tablet like the iPad. Face-to-face surveys can be carried out in English, German, French or Spanish.

Passer-by surveys

Interviewing passers-by is a kind of personal questioning which ISM uses in particular for surveys carried out in public spaces. This method has long been well established in market research, and is best suited when assessing city centers, districts, public facilities (e.g. theaters, movie theaters, museums) or retailers.

Written surveys

Another proven method of data collection in addition to face-to-face surveys are written surveys. Here, the respondents fill out the paper questionnaires on their own and without any interviewer present. Using modern document scanners, it is possible to quickly digitalize and evaluate even large surveys.

Online surveys

Online surveys are best suited for high numbers of participants or for a global survey. Respondents can complete the tailored questionnaire on their own computer. The survey can also be carried out simultaneously in several different languages. In addition, different target groups can be given specific questions. ISM works with the best and most comprehensive software tools to create individually customized surveys and ensure high data quality.

Conjoint analyses

Conjoint analyses are used above all in areas such as product development, pricing and market segmentation. The decompositional analysis procedure can be used to determine customer preferences. ISM works with the Sawtooth SMRT conjoint software package. This allows us to create accurate market simulations.

Secondary analyses

As part of a research project, ISM developed a targeted method of viewing and evaluating secondary statistical data material. This methodology is used particularly successfully in projects analyzing market potential.

Telephone surveys

Data can be collected via telephone in cross-regional surveys. ISM has five telephone workstations with supporting software for national and international telephone surveys.

Eye tracking analyses

ISM has four different eye tracking systems for following a test subject’s focus. This allows us to evaluate marketing campaigns with heat maps or analyze homepages and smartphone apps using usability criteria. Two mobile eye-tracking glasses allow us to record data directly at the point of sale.

EEG analyses

We use a specially adapted EEG device to measure activity levels in the brain. Combined with eye tracking, we can draw conclusions related to the brain’s physiological reaction to print media, advertising and viral clips, or online presences.

Qualitative analyses

ISM offers a wide spectrum of qualitative methods, from in-depth and expert interviews to group discussions and focus groups. We use MaxQDA software to both evaluate qualitative content and make frequency or typologizing assessments to examine the problem as thoroughly as possible.

Data analyses with SPSS, Stata & Excel

ISM uses a range of software packages to evaluate data. We can analyze in Excel, SPSS and Stata depending on the purpose. This allows us to scientifically analyze the data we collect, prepare it graphically and interpret it.