Employee surveys

ISM conducts employee surveys using a variety of different data collection methods. In addition to closed question formulations, we use targeted open questions so your employees can answer in their own words. This combination of question formats makes it possible to show the employees’ perceptions and opinions in very different ways.
Recording satisfaction in central areas (e.g. working time organization, communication and information, behavior of managers and superiors) allows us to derive effective recommendations for action.

Customer and stakeholder surveys

“How satisfied are our customers with our performance?”, “What do customers require from our products?”, “How do customers make their purchasing decisions?” We can answer these questions for you using customer and stakeholder surveys. Whether we send questionnaires digitally to thousands of customers or conduct personal interviews with managers and specialist staff, it is important to us to speak the language of your customers and adjust the survey designs and interviewers to their needs.

Market potential analyses

We use market potential analyses to investigate whether there is a market for your product or service, and how big it is. We research the number of potentially marketable products and possible customers, as well as the price range that your target market would accept. As an institute of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, we have a network of over 10,000 national and international partner companies.
This network, together with close partnerships with international research institutes, forms the basis for our success when analyzing market potential.

Competition analyses/competitive intelligence

More than ever, businesses and markets are subject to a fast-changing environment of products and competitors.
This is especially true for sectors that experience permanent change (short product life cycles, globalization). The ability of a business to achieve competitive advantages by observing its rivals is vital to its survival. We support you in the methodical analysis of your important competitors and help build a structured competitive monitoring system.

Usability analyses

Using a range of methods from the field of usability research, we can help make your homepages and webshops as user friendly as possible. We can use analytical procedures, empirical usability tests and the so-called “cognitive walkthrough” in an experimental research design. These analyses are usually aided by versatile eye tracking systems, which can be used to analyze what our test subjects focus on.

User experience studies

Alongside usability studies, we at the ISM also conduct studies into user and product experiences. One example of this is the so-called “car clinic”, which tests how consumers experience new drive technologies or functions in the vehicle. We conduct these user experience studies with test subjects from various European countries, as well as from China, Japan and North America.

Communication analyses

Is the positioning of your business unclear? Are the chosen communication channels unsuitable? Does your advertising strike the wrong tone? According to estimates, around 30% to 50% of the applied advertising budget has no effect.
By pretesting your communication measures before you start your campaign, we can help you effectively target your communication budget to achieve your goals. We use a combination of suitable eye tracking processes on our test subjects, along with specific recall and assessment analyses.